Michigan Embraces Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conferences Have Arrived in Michigan

Michigan Audio Visual Event Specialists

The Time is right for your first “Virtual Conference”. This totally online experience includes everything you’d find at a traditional live conference. Your conference includes participant registration, keynote sessions, video and PowerPoint, concurrent breakout sessions, attendee networking, and even a vendor trade show. All of these features are delivered to your users virtually. At Motown Digital we’ve been producing broadcast-quality HD virtual meetings for years and have the experience you’re looking for. Now with new capabilities and motivated attendees willing to participate, the Virtual Conference has arrived!

If event revenue is critical to your Michigan based business or association a ticketed Virtual conference may offer you the solution you’ve been looking for. You can create effective revenue streams from participant registration, virtual exhibitors, and event sponsors just as you would at a conventional conference. Virtual conference exhibitors can send instant e-mail messages to participants who visit their “booth”. This is just an example of how the virtual experience can be leveraged for the benefit of sponsors and exhibitors and provide you with much-needed revenue.

Michigan Audio Visual Event Specialists

Hope is not a plan. We all hope things will get back to “normal”. We do however need to accept there may be a “new normal” and understand we need to plan accordingly. Why not build a plan with options. Your meeting may be traditional in a venue with hundreds of attendees and comprehensive AV. You may need to adhere to social distancing and have fewer people on-site and some attending virtually. Or you may need to go 100% virtual. Regardless, Motown Digital can implement your plan and adjust to your changing needs on very short notice.

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