Michigan Video Production

Excellent Quality Video Productions at an Affordable Price

Video Production

Tell your story with video with a little help from the team at Motown Digital. Our highly experienced crew will work with you to plan, shoot, edit and deliver your next video project. We specialize in video targeted for the internet and social media. We know the tricks to make you look as good online as you do on HDTV. You’ll enjoy working with our friendly producers, talent, and crew who won’t quit until you’re happy.

Save with an In-house Video Production Team

Now you can have your own in-house Michigan video production team at a fraction of the cost. Motown Digital is a leading provider of contract video services. Enjoy the benefits of having your own video production department without the hassle and expense. We provide you with a scalable, professional and well-trained team of video production experts. Your in-house team functions exactly like a department with direct employees, but at a much lower cost. We provide additional staffers when needed, and reduce the size of your team during down time. You derive all the benefits of having your own team, but only pay for the services you need. This is the perfect solution for municipal and corporate video departments.

Motown Digital’s Video Production Portfolio