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Map-SmallMotown Digital has been live streaming experts for years and now specializes in Facebook Live videos in Michigan. If you aren’t familiar with Facebook Live, it’s a streaming service that allows you to broadcast live videos from your mobile device right to the Facebook News Feed of ALL of your existing followers. Plus, Facebook currently ranks Live video higher than other video posts in News Feeds. You can ask your viewers to subscribe to live notifications so that your fans will get notified when you are streaming live. Your video will also post to your timeline as any other post typically does. Also, if you set the broadcast to public and tag your location, your video will appear on the Facebook Live Map, visible and searchable for the world to see.

The Benefits of Facebook Live:

• It helps your audience get to know you better
• It can lead to higher engagement
• It can lead to fan base growth
• It can generate new leads and sales
• Live videos are prioritized on News Feeds since it’s all the rage

Now that you know what Facebook Live is all about, maybe you are unsure of what or how to post on your own. Or maybe you are already streaming yourself, but you’re interested in making your videos look more professional. Motown Digital has the equipment and the expertise to capture and stream your footage with ease. We’ll also help you develop video ideas and scripts to ensure your video is as relevant and dynamic for your audience as possible. Your viewers will be amazed by how professional your video looks and will be more apt to watch it in its entirety and to tune back in for your next video post.

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If Motown Digital is already assisting you with your live streaming, we can easily stream it to Facebook Live, too. Imagine the possibilities of sharing your live event, products, services or information with, potentially, millions of Facebook users. Demonstrate a technique or show off your skills – Motown Digital can help make you a star! Everyone from your neighbor to celebrities are using it. Radio Stations, Online Personalities, Corporations, Non Profits…the list goes on and on.

Whether you are interested in posting a single Facebook Live video or a series of videos, Motown Digital would be happy to assist you. Facebook is the perfect place for people to learn about you and videos are more eye catching than any other type of post. In fact, Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. So, let’s face it: technology is really taking off these days. If you don’t embrace it, it may just take off without you.

Contact Motown Digital today for a quote and let’s share your videos with the world.