Metro Detroit Live Streaming Events

Metro Detroit Live Streaming

No internet? No problem. Motown Digital brings the internet to you with Stream Anywhere – a single box that ensures internet access while streaming. Our video players are both “adaptive” and “responsive,” which means the quality and size of the stream will automatically adjust to each user device for the best possible viewing experience. You can trust that Motown Digital will offer video streams that look great on all devices. Interested in engaging more with your audience? Stream your event through Facebook Live – a service being utilized by many businesses to reach even more people!

You can trust the quality of Motown Digital’s streaming services because we invest in the current and needed technology that is required in making your production a success. Turn your event into a high-quality, professional broadcast experience with our streaming services.

 New Added Features With Facebook Live

Facebook Live Icon

We now also offer an additional service of streaming your event to Facebook Live. A lot of businesses are now utilizing Facebook Live to engage with its audience. Streaming your events to Facebook Live leads to a better relationship with your audience, and increases the odds of generating new leads, sales and potential fans. Live videos are prioritized on News Feeds, which increases the odds of your message reaching more people.

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